GA-StopCCLearn more about Common Core and its sub-divisions here.

Documents for parents to opt-out/refuse testing for their children can be accessed here.

Find your state, United Opt-Out:

If you want to schedule a meeting in your home contact us.  Georgians to Stop Common Core can lead a meeting with you and your friends/family at your home, your clubhouse, or anywhere convenient.  Download this informational packet (COMING SOON) and print as many copies as are needed to distribute at your meeting.

Georgia parents, write the State School Board and tell them what you think!  Contact Georgia representatives. There is power in many voices. Add your voice to the ones already fighting for our children and teachers.

3-18-2015, WSBTV Channel 2 News: Local Georgia Parents Opting Out!  

Parents who would like to see what is being taught in the classroom can access the Georgia Frameworks, which are based on Common Core. Frameworks are developed by select Georgia teachers for each grade and are based on their interpretation of what should be taught in the classroom. It is significant to note that lessons included in the frameworks often mirror what is included in the practice tests for end of year Milestones tests.


Former Secretary of Education, Diane Ravitch encourages parents to opt out of the tests: She mentions that test scores correlate directly to parental income. Research proves this is true. The most effective way parents can speak out against Common Core and excessive testing is to refuse the test.

Parental Income Linked to Students’ Standardized Test Results

2015 – GA Milestone Refusal Letters from Parents

Federal Americans with Disabilities Act Discrimination Complaint Form

In the News:

Letters written by Georgia parents:

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