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What is Common Core?  Click Here

Basic Information on Common Core

The 2010 Race to the Top application for the grant is the document that sealed Georgia into Common Core. In the document, much more than the standards are discussed, and the standards play a smaller role in the grant than one would think. Other negative impacts are 50% of teacher evaluations and 70% of administrator evaluations are now tied to standardized testing (Georgia Milestones) and multiple data points are collected on Georgia students and placed in a Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). This SLDS is not national, but the system is similar to SLDS systems in other states, and student data can be shared nationally.

Parents take a Practice Test of PARCC:  http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/

*The majority of the questions in the Georgia Milestones Assessment will come from the Georgia purchased PARCC database.

Parents can take a Georgia OAS practice test that is used to prepare for the end of the year Georgia Milestones test.

Read what Georgia teachers are doing and saying about Common Core: Click Here

Testing opt-out/refusal guide for Georgia (Updated Jan. 9, 2015)

THE CONTEMPORARY SIGNIFICANCE OF MEYER AND PIERCE  FOR PARENTAL RIGHTS ISSUES INVOLVING EDUCATION: This court is important to parents as it establishes precedent that parental rights supersede the school’s requirement to assess their students. Parents have a Constitutional right to direct the education of their children. In the case of testing in Georgia, this means parents have the right to refuse the Georgia Milestones for your child.

The state of Georgia does not have an opt out policy; however, the state will recognize a refusal per this court case and gives each school the autonomy to decide what the student will be doing during testing. It is vital that the word “refuse” is used in every case in which a parent wishes to prevent his or her child from taking the test. Review the message from the Georgia Department of Education from March 10, 2015. This establishes a procedure in the absence of a policy from the Georgia Board of Education. CLICK HERE TO READ

Additional documents for parents to opt-out/refuse testing on their children can be found here.

Common Core Follow the Money

Cherokee County is gaining momentum with this WSBTV Channel 2 News: Local Georgia Parents Opting Out!  on 3-18-2015

Learn what Gwinnett parents and grandparents are doing to fight Common Core: http://georgia.stopcommoncore.com/
Don’t be BULLIED by your school administrators or teachers when opting out/refusing the test for your child. Members of Georgians to Stop Common Core are available to help in any situation where you feel bullied or pressured. Please contact us on the Face Book page if you would like help.

Public meetings are being held during which school officials will try to “convince” parents that the tests are required and important by using a method modeled by the Rand Corporation called Delphi.  This method is used in many different facets of government public meetings with a predetermined outcome. In these cases, the predetermined outcome is to convince parents that testing is not optional and important for students and teachers. This is a lie.

This is a sample of what administrators and teachers are given to convince parents to get their children to take the federally mandated Common Core Assessments: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8DcZijSD67Db0FkMGUzTU9KQTQ/view?usp=sharing  The red markings were put there by a member to show parents how manipulation works.

Joint Statement of Early Childhood Health and Education Professionals on the Common Core Standards Initiative

If parents feel that they are bullied, a civil rights complaint can be filed.

How to File a Civil Rights Complaint

U.S. Department of Education Complaint Information

Educational Malpractice: The Concept, the Public, the Schools and the Courts: http://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED194963

Parental Income Linked to Students’ Standardized Test Results

New York State Exposed Education: The company behind Common Core testing

Georgia Teachers, Parents and Students speak up against Common Core

A presentation from Dr. Duke Pesta on the topic of Common Core, a nationwide educational program in regards to its history and the complex problems and shortcomings that make it inappropriate from a perspective of liberal educational thought.. This version has selected graphics from his presentation. Recorded in 720P. Check out Teton Video Services on Facebook. Since the material is lengthy, If you would like a DVD copy of this production to share with your local school board member or state legislature, please contact us directly at tetonvideo@gmail.com for information.

Read about Ethical Testing: Dr. Gary Thompson response

Come join us on Facebook, we have several groups with thousands of followers.

Check for upcoming Events (Conferences, Meetings) – http://www.eventbrite.com/o/georgians-to-stop-common-core-7918876810?s=32713602

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