Georgians to Stop Common Core is a bi-partisan group of educators and parents who believe that children deserve a healthy education. Georgians to Stop Common Core understand that educators and parents are the most important stakeholders in education and should be actively involved in the decision making processes that will effect their children and their students. The adoption and implementation of Common Core had no parent or educator involvement. Standardized tests have no parent or educator input before they are administered to children and students. Georgians to Stop Common Core are actively educating other parents and educators against the damaging repercussions of Common Core and fighting to make education a local parent and teacher endeavor as it should be.

On the blog, many resources are available to help you understand what Common Core is and how to contact your Georgia Officials to get Common Core out of Georgia. Georgians to Stop Common Core posts current events and alerts, along with helpful Information and forms to opt-out (refuse) your child from the abusive testing!

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Leaders of Georgians to Stop Common Core

Meg Norris is a teacher from Cobb County School District who left her teaching position in protest against the Federal and State mandate called Common Core.  In pursuit of her fight against common core and excessive testing, she met Teri Sasseville, a frustrated parent who found herself up against a machine of tyrants!  Together they organized parents and teachers with organizations like MAD (Moms Against Duncan) and Georgia groups on Facebook.   They travel all over Georgia speaking at events, on the radio, and in interviews.  Now Georgians to Stop Common Core are a force of educated and determined people fighting for our children to protect them from the abuse of common core!

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