Students’ scores on the GA Milestones Assessment WILL be dramatically lower than the CRCT.

One myth being told by some Georgia school administrators is that results from the GA Milestones test just might be lower than the results of the GCRCT taken in previous years. What administrators have not been truthful about is the pilot tests indicated the majority of students who take the GA Milestones will fail the test. As a parent, if you are still considering allowing your child to take the GA Milestones test, review the information below. Students are being sent in to take a test that they are  NOT expected to pass. As a parent, you can refuse the GA Milestones for your child.

The GA Milestones test will be nearly identical to the PARCC and the SBAC. The lead company for the writing of the SBAC is McGraw-Hill/CTB. McGraw-Hill wrote the CRCT and the GA Milestones tests. They are a leading psychometric research company and proudly announced their psychometric testing skills in the following press release after being selected to write Georgia’s tests:

PARCC and SBAC Common Core tests in other states have seen a 70% failure rate that went as high as 91% failure rate for special education students.

Kentucky, the first state to implement Common Core, released its year 3 scores.

It is important to remember that the passing score on the 2013-2014 Georgia CRCT was a 48%. In order to receive a CRCT score of 800 on any section of the test you only had to get 48% correct.


It is also interesting to note that 11 Atlanta teachers went to jail for changing scores from failing to failing. The cut score in 2010 was 51% correct.

In the Spring of 2014 the Georgia DOE gave pilot tests for the new Georgia Common Core aligned tests. The results for grades 3 – 8 and high school EOCs in ELA and Math are below. Where would YOU make the cut score?


There is great potential for failing scores for every public school in Georgia. What does this tell us? Nothing. Click the links below for verification.

Armed with this information, a parent can make a choice to refuse the test. It is a parent’s Constitutional right to direct his or her child’s education. If you want help or support as you refuse the test, join the Facebook group Opt Out Georgia.

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2 Responses to Students’ scores on the GA Milestones Assessment WILL be dramatically lower than the CRCT.

  1. concerned says:

    Are you also allowed to opt out of the SLOs?


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